Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Corporate Law Practice Area

At Krause & Asociados – Attorneys-At-Law & Accountants, we offer the constitution, creation, and/or incorporation of all types of NGOs, Companies, and Corporations in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic recognizes various types of companies, these are:

  • Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada (SRL) – Similar to a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Sociedades Anónimas (SA).
  • Sociedades Anónimas Simplificadas (SAS).
  • Sociedades Extranjeras.
  • Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada (E.I.R.L.)Individual Limited Liability Company (For an Individual).
  • Incorporation Formation of Foundations, non-profit associations (ASF) in the Dominican Republic.


  1. Tradename.
  2. Corporate purpose to which it will be dedicated.
  3. Name of the partners (Minimum 2, Maximum 50), and for this you need:
      1. Identification document; and
      2. Shareholding ratio.
  4. Domicile of the corporation/company.
  5. Who will be the manager of the company (They can be the maximum amount (50), however, take into account that any movement or decision that is made will require for all to sign for its approval to be executed).
  6. Indication of the capital of the company.


In an average of twelve (12) to fifteen (15) days, we guarantee the delivery of the company ready to start its accounting and administrative operations.


It will depend on:

Type of corporation/company that you wish to establish and/or incorporate; and the
Capital with which it will be registered.


  • Counseling and accompaniment of opening bank accounts in the Dominican Republic.
  • Initial Fiscal and Tax Advice.
  • Accompaniment and initial corporate advice in the integration of the various companies and institutions in the country.
  • Additionally, you may request initial advice on any matter and laws that govern the country and are of your need.
  • Address: Depending on your needs and use, a contract is made.
  • Company’s Accounting Service: Depending on its accounting activities, a contract is made, and a price is established.
  • Hiring of Personnel for Management: The management to be carried out is evaluated according to the need of the company to establish the fee.

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